Raspberry Pi Pico and Arduino IDE?

I am very interested in the newly released Raspberry Pi Pico using the RP2040 chip. Can anyone tell me if it can be programmed using the Arduino IDE, like most of my other microprocessors. I really don’t want to install a different tool chain.

I don’t think it can be currently, but in Arduino’s blog post they say that they’re in the process of porting t

But there’s more! We are going to port the Arduino core to this new architecture in order to enable everyone to use the RP2040 chip with the Arduino ecosystem (IDE, command line tool, and thousands of libraries). Although the RP2040 chip is fresh from the plant, our team is already working on the porting effort… stay tuned.

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Thanks, Shoe, I look forward with interest.

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I am also badly missing this and could not wait…

In one and a half days of work I came up with the following: A simple Arduino Framework for the new Raspberry Pico - Phil Schatzmann