The Arduino community have added the Raspberry Pi Pico to the Arduino IDE (but, it will be a while before it is released as standard).

I love Python, but am addicted to the Arduino IDE and C++ because of the access to so many other libraries. I can use Make in a terminal, but I am much more comfortable with the Arduino IDE because it avoids all the creation of folders and CDing backwards and forwards to issue commands.

My first PicoDuino build was, of course, blink. It took a little jiggling about with the reset button and Group access, but it worked.

My request is to publish the Pimoroni C++ libraries in Arduino format. I am hoping that ADAFruit do the same with their RP2040 products. All of the arduino libraries are already in that format in preparation for their own RP2040 boards.

Don’t stop the micropython work, though. It’s C++ for duty and Python for pleasure.