Pico_Unicorn display library for Arduino IDE

I have an application in ‘C’ that I would like to port to a Raspberry Pi Pico and use the Pico Unicorn Pack display with the Arduino ide - (The Pico C/C++ SDK route is unfortunately beyond my current level of expertise).

I previously had the system in Python running - using Thonny and the Pimoroni Micropython UF2, but need to move to ‘C’ for improved performance.

Is there any guidance how one can add the relevant libraries to the Arduino ide? where maybe someone else has already been able to get things working?

Thank You

I have tried to manually add libraries from
github.com/pimoroni/pimoroni-pico/tree/main/micropython/modules/pico_unicorn and
as described in the Arduino reference “Installing Additional Arduino Libraries” at
but I then get multiple secondary errors as the library discovery process fails to find all the other supporting files…

I’m guessing that there is a difference in compiling and building files between the pico-SDK and the Arduino implementation… Bit of a show stopper!

So - 5 days and no reply to my query…
Am I really the only user to have this configuration problem?
Is there anyone from the Pimoroni Crew that could help please?