Re-mapping picade buttons for zxspectrum emulator

Basically what I have been trying to do is remap the picade buttons so for example when button b (on the picade) is pressed which would normally be mapped to the shift key (on a keyboard) I want it to be mapped to the number 1 key (on a keyboard)

I want to do this for the zxspectrum emulator so I have done the following but it does not work.

I edited the retroarch config file that is in /opt/retropie/configs/zxspectrum

I placed the following above the #include line

input_player1_b = “1”

Saved this config file, rebooted and tried it but it does not do anything when I press button b on the picade (ie in a game the keyboard button 1 is not detected)

Any ideas what I am doing wrong or is this actually possible?

I think the problem here, although I’m no expert with Retroarch, is that “input_player1_b” is the “target” key, whereas “1” is the source key. So in this case you’re binding the number 1 ( which Picade doesn’t output at all ) to button b.

Honestly, I don’t know if Retroarch supports binding keys like this but we’ve got a few people here who, I think, should know :D

Thanks for that. I was thinking along the lines of if a button on the picade is mapped to a letter z ( as my button b is on the initial setup) i could just change this to another letter or number.

On a certain game one of the menu options is ‘z’ for kempston. If i press button b on the picade it highlights this option, so I am just pondering this at the moment!

Did you check the libretro fuse documentation ?

it details the setup. you can’t just map a controller button to a spectrum keyboard press though.

I have not checked the linked documemtation but i will have a read through, thanks for the reply.