Reinstall NVMeBASE installation

Had to completely nuke my Pi5 (with an earlier NVMeBASE)

  • flashed a new SD card with bookworm 64
  • boot from SD card, system works as expected

What steps to be done to setup the SSD (which has an earlier installtion on it) so that the Pi can boot from it ?

If you want to run the old OS on the NVMe drive I think you just need to set it to boot in raspi-config. If you want the new OS it’s a little more complicated but still easy.

Just skip down to the parts about mounting the NVMe drive, configuring raspi-config, and if you want a new OS, how to install it.

It’s really easy and sounds like you’ve already done it once. It only gets complicated if you want to preserve home directories or preserve other data on the NVMe drive before installing a new OS.