Resistance between +5V and Ground on Unicorn pHat

Hello, all.

I have finished soldering wires to pins 2 (5V Power), 12 (aka BCM18) and 20 (Ground) of Unicorn pHat according to the pin usage scheme at According to Unicorn HAT + GPIO cable, I have already made one mistake - the ground should be connected to pin 9 (bit the resistance between pins 9 and 20 on the board is 0 Ohm - so I do not need to reconnect the wire).

Still, when I measure resistance between newly soldered pin 2 (5V) and pin 20 (Ground), I get measurements of around 2000 Ohm (the Unicorn pHat is not connected to anything). This number looks too small for me, and as I do not want to fry the Raspberry Pi by connecting this to it, I want to confirm if the 2000 Ohm is an expected number - or if I need to investigate my soldering job on those pins.

unlike the HAT, Unicorn pHAT has all ground pins electrically connected, so phys 20 is as good as 9.

It is safe to connect to your Pi, worst case scenario it won’t work but it won’t damage it… I don’t think it’s possible to tell much about the quality of the soldering without getting current through the board.

Thank you, RogueM, it works.