Rpi4, two thermo couple inputs, one RS485 (modbus)

Hi, We have Pi4 and need to

  1. read two thermo couple sensors.
  2. Also, we need an RS485 modbus port and a
  3. one digital output to drive a sold state relay.
    What modules would you recommend.
    The modbus could be a usb adapter but the disadvantage is that it takes up additional space because it sticks out at the end.
    thanks henning

Do you need to use a specific thermocouple?

There’s this: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/usb-rs485-converter

The Pi has lots digital outputs on the GPIO bus.

Thanks - we will use type K.
Problem as I see is to build those functions up to work at the same time - the usb485 is ok on its own because it uses the USB, but the thermocouples we need two and we need to fan-out one DIO. Do you have a module which can do that? Of course one can solder wires between boards but this is too cumbersome we will need to make 50pcs.

Sorry, I don’t work for Pimoroni so I don’t know all their products. But hang out. Someone else may answer. Search their industrial products.