Running motors on Pi4 w/Explorer HAT pro

Howdy. Just getting started with a buggy project and am having a similar problem to others. I can’t get the motors to work through any commands. I can get many other programs to run. Running test code for motors returns no error messages. HELP! I’ve looked at every thread and tried so many different avenues. I’ve been able to get the motors to run if I connect to the 5V and ground. What am I missing? Is it possible there’s an issue with my Explorer HAT?

What code, what motors, and how are they wired up?
I have two Explorer pHats setup as two wheel rovers. For the most part they work as advertised.

Howdy - I appreciate your response. I bought a new hat and it works fine. Not sure what was wrong with the other one. I’ll reach out to the distributor to see if I have any recourse. Thanks again and stay safe and healthy!