Running Pirate Radio In Stereo

I’m running a short speaker wire from my Pirate Radio #1 left channel to a 2nd Pirate Radio and connecting it directly to the speaker leads via alligator clips. I set the switch to stereo on Pirate Radio #1 and power it up. I of course don’t power Pirate Radio #2. It works perfectly, giving me great stereo sound - BUT: even with no power going to the 2nd radio, it’s Red LEDs light up and pulse to the music. It’s very cool and psychedelic but am I harming anything? Obviously the speaker line is carrying voltage that’s flowing back to the lights, but why? FYI the lights didn’t start flashing immediately. The radio was playing for maybe a couple of minutes before the lights started flashing. So, am I hurting anything running in this configuration?

So the Phat Beat in Pirate Radio #2 isn’t wired anywhere, but the LEDs still flash? That’s interesting. :) Could you post some photos of the setup and wiring?

Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening. They only light up red, every other
one, on both sides of the meter. It’s drawing current, somehow, via the
speaker line attached by the alligator clips. They pulse beautifully with
the music- not blinking, pulsing. No drop in volume or audio quality. I’ll
send you pictures when I get home from work. It’s really very simple: Radio
#1 is powered and set to “stereo”. 2 conductor spkeaker wire runs from the
phat’ s 2nd channel to the unpowered speaker in Radio #2. It connects via
alligator clips. Works great, but leds on Radio #2 dance like crazy after a
"warm up" period of anywhere from 2 - 10 minutes. What’s that all about?
Crazy, but cool as hell! Thanks for all the fun.