Pirate Radio continuous reset

I am having an issue with the pirate radio kit, when i make a call to play any sound the Rasp goes into a continuous reboot cycle. Any suggestions on where i should start trouble shooting the issue

What power supply are you using? And max current rating of said device? Best guess is its a power issue.

please ignore, power supply issue, not good enough to power phatbeat, which caused it to reboot and then fail again. Should have picked this up, ,mysefl

It happens, at least you know why now. ;) I haven’t done the math but its likely a good bit of current to drive a speaker or two, especially if the volumes up. I’m currently using this one, https://www.canakit.com/raspberry-pi-adapter-power-supply-2-5a.html with my Pirate Radio setup. I’m running two speakers.

3 Watts per channel, at lets say 1/2 volume is 3 Watts total, that’s 600 ma, plus what ever the LEDS draw, and your Pi. I’d say you want a power supply with at least a 2A rating. Just to “play” it safe. Pun intended. =)