Pirate Radio: Anyone able to get rid of the loud "pop"?

Hello all.
I’ve been using the Pirate radio for over a year now. I have external speakers attached. Does anyone have a circuit to get rid of the loud pop when the radio is started? The large current spike causes the voltage to dip and then the PiZero resets. I have to power it from a 2.5 amp supply, which is overkill fo r this application.
I searched and saw other people asking a similar question. But, I haven’t seen any responses.
Thanks in advance.

Ok, in case you didn’t already know, the current rating of the power supply is an “up to” that amount rating. It can supply up to 2.5A if need be. What current is actually supplied depends on the load attached. A 2.5 A power supply isn’t any more inefficient than a 1 A supply if only 1 A is being asked for. The 1A supply may actually be struggling and producing more heat etc as its at its limit.
Plus, as you turn the volume up on your Pirate radio your going to draw more current. Having some leeway in reserve isn’t a bad thing.
Now, in regards to the pop. It used to be a lot worse. I used to get them just changing channels / feeds etc. Pimoroni made some hardware changes and software changes to mitigate it as much as possible. I have one of the original Phat beats. I get one or two pops on boot up buts thats it. I run the official 2.5A Pi foundation power supply. I use that power supply with all my Pi’s. I have found the price difference to other lower current rated supplies to be minimal, and not worth the trade off in quality. Just my humble opinion

Yes. I’m aware the rating is “up to” 2.5 amps. Because the Pi is rebooting, I am assuming that the “pop” is a large current draw. So large, that the voltage sags and the Pi reboots.
During the normal operation, a 1 amp power supply is fine. It’s just the power up transient that causing the problem.

Here is a fix I will try:

I’m not meaning to be disrespectful etc, but why not just use an official 2.5A supply?
And be advised that that board you linked to is only MONO, it will only drive one speaker.

This is stereo

It’s the “pop” I want to get rid of.
I have several 2.5 Amp supplies. But, why use them if I can use a more common 1A AND get rid of the loud turn-on “pop”?
I forgot to add that I don’t plan to use that chip. I’m going to use the fix that’s listed in the comment at the bottom of the page.

Ah, OK, I see where your going now. Please post back the results. If it works and isn’t to hard to do I may try it on my Pirate radio. Mine is set to wait for network, as a result there is a bit of a delay on start up. I usually hit the power button then go get myself a drink. By the time I’m back its playing my tunes and I don’t hear the pops anyway. ;)

I have a loud pop too on my Pirate Radio particularly when changing to some channels. Sometimes the Pi ZeroW did reset. I have stopped the reset by placing a resistor of 47ohm, 3Watts (wire wound) in series with the loudspeaker. I reasoned that the power supply after the Pi’s voltage reduction (to 3.3V) or stabilisation cct was being spiked by the ‘pop’ as I was using a Pi supplied PSU. My mod doesn’t stop the pop but I have never had a problem with resetting ever since. I found the sound quality isn’t compromised. With that in place and working fine I then loaded the second audio output with a bookshelf loudspeaker whose resistance is 16 ohm. The systems still works without resetting. Good luck - KC