Weird noise on Pirate Radio


Has anyone come across a stuttering, choppy electronic warbling when stepping through url stream channels ? It could be a url stream that’s badly distorting - difficult to tell. Happens using back or forward key. Also when the radio is initially powered up. It plays as though it’s a channel and screws up the sequence when moving through the urls.
I used nano to add six new urls having tried the direct copy to Boot of sd card, which I couldn’t get to work and in the process blew out the 4 urls that where supplied.
All the new urls I’ve added are there and play but so is the disruptive noise.
Any ideas / thoughts would be appreciated. Might have to reformat and start again - bummer !
Regards, john.


This happens with my setup sometimes, too. I think it’s something to do with the Pi Zero’s CPU just not being powerful enough (or the software being inefficient) to always get the stream decoding right.

Someone’s mentioned that newer versions of PulseAudio are much better for CPU load, so this is on my list to look into.


Ok, Gadget,
Thanks for reply to my post.
Glad it’s not just me, was thinking I’d messed something up ! - again.
I can get along with it, it’s a bit of a pain in the ass but if a fix comes down the line, please let me know.
I really like the radio. Got it back mounted on front panel.
Still impressed with the sound and appearance.
Have it playing all the time.
Best, john.