Bad audio from Pirate Radio

Hi, I’ve followed all the setup instructions for internet radio, and when it rebooted sound like an alien laser going off rather than normal music, I’ve uploaded a video of what it sounds like incase anyone knows what the problem might be:

Anyone got any ideas on how to fix it?

Many Thanks

Best guess is an install glitch. I’d start over with a fresh install of Raspbian Jessie and run the one line installer again. If it does the same thing again then its likely a hardware issue.

I guess you could try just rerunning the one line installer again, before starting over from scratch. It won’t hurt anything and might save some time.

Alien laser is a new one to me! I’d recommend trying our experimental PiratePython radio install, which you can just extract to a blank SD card and fire up with minimal configuration. It’s a good debugging step in any case.

Once unzipped to an SD card- all the files should be at the root of the card - you need to edit wpa_supplicant.conf with your WiFi configuration, and playlist.m3u with your playlist choices.


Thanks both for replying, I did try alphanumeric’s suggestion and it still sound the same even tried it on jessie and still the same audio problem.

I’ve also tried the PiratePython suggestion, but when I get to the login screen it wont let me type anything in (and if its one of them hidden password things it wont log me in when I press enter)

Thanks again

PiratePython is designed to be headless, and already set up and ready to go. You just edit the config files from a host computer.

It does sound like there’s something else amiss, though. Perhaps a hardware issue. It’d be worth emailing us at for a replacement pHAT BEAT.

I got it to “work” but it still sounded the same so I’ll drop an email this morning for a replacement

Thanks for the help