Pirate radio help needed


I got a pirate radio for Xmas and am having issues setting it up.

I’m only a casual user of pi projects and really only do easy things.

Following the set up instructions for the VLC radio set up I just can’t get it to work at all. Ive tried using an old OS system and installing on that, but still nothing.

Does the one line installer not work at all anymore?

I haven’t redone mine from scratch in ages (years). Mine was likely done on Raspbian Jessie.
Are you getting any error messages during the install process?

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Hi. I didn’t notice any after installing an older version of the lite os from a link posted in another forum post.

There is a message to say its experimental.

I’ll run through it again after work and post any messages I get (may be tomorrow as work is stupid full on ATM).

Older versions of Raspbian can be found here, if that helps.
Index of /raspbian/images (raspberrypi.org)

Thanks. I’ll have another go.

I went with the “with desktop” version. Just personal choice, I find it easier to get things done with a full GUI. Then, when everything is all said and done, I set it to boot to command line. It also makes it easier to just clip and past the commands from the web browser to the terminal window. No making typo’s when retyping it in manually.

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