Is the One Line install for Pirate Radio working?

Hi there, I’ve been trying to set up my pirate radio up now for about two days, I know that the audio “driver” (i assume thats why’s directing the audio to the Phatbeat, My knowledge of the pi’s audio out put is lacking, i’m a Asio4 all man) is working as i test audio in terminal and it works fine (speaker-test) and lights up. now looking at my installed packages i cannot see VLC nor can i access via Https. am i missing something obvious?

Are you using Buster?
I do believe the Pirate Radio installer has issues with Buster. Namely VLC hasn’t been updated or something, for Buster.
You can get stretch here if you want to try that.
There are a couple of similar threads on the go if you do a forum search for Pirate Radio you should be able to find one or more of them.

I am using buster, I’ll test out stretch when I get home,

I should have asked this earlier, what model Pi are you using?
I ask because Stretch won’t boot up on a Pi 4B. The 4B will only run Buster.

It’s a zero w, its perfect on Stretch thanks,
When i was trying to troubleshoot Buster i found MOC works well and output with the LEDs, do you think there can a way the buttons can be encoded to work with MOC or is their a has buster completely broke compatibility with the human interface of Phatbeat

I’m not sure what got messed up in Buster. VLC is I think the main culprit as far as the Pirate Radio goes. My Pirate Radio has been running fine for well over a year now so I haven’t messed with it. I’m not even certain if its running Jessie or Stretch. I’ve just seen a few threads like yours when Buster showed up. And its not just the Pirate Radio.

The pHat Beat pinout is here, it shows what GPIO are used for what button / function.

The buttons on the pHat Beat just pull those GPIO pins low (ground) when pressed. I wired up my own mini arcade buttons to those GPIO and use them instead of the buttons on the pHat Beat. Mostly because of my pHat fingers, get it. ;)