Pirate Radio Software Fail

Flashed Buster Lite. Did headless wireless connection. Standard update/upgrade via SSH. Ran install via SSH. After 10-15 minutes I get:

— Warning —
The VLC Radio installer
does not work on this version of Raspbian.
Check https://github.com//
for additional information and support

Some changes made to your system require
your computer to reboot to take effect.

Would you like to reboot now? [y/N] y

I got a pop from the speaker during boot but the radio functions via the switches are dead. Any way to debug via command line? Do I have to reflash with an old version of Lite?

Have you tried a full Buster install? I believe some of the needed components are missing from Lite.

I used Lite because one of the tutorials said that it was preferred and would allow VLC to run faster. I don’t find any references on GIthub to OS version. I just says to run the script.

I get the feeling that some things that were in the Stretch Lite edition, are no longer in the Buster Lite edition. There are hints to that effect on the Pi foundation forum.
One thing you can do, that I do myself, is install the Buster with desktop version. And when your done with all your setup etc, just go into Raspberry Pi Configuration and set it to boot to command line instead of the Desktop GUI. That will free up resources and the OS will run leaner and faster.
If that doesn’t work for you, you can get Stretch here. It will run on any Pi except a Pi 4B. Only Buster will boot on a 4B.

Ok the problem is that the VLC install script has code that checks the OS version. So the overall script appears to install and you can even run the phatt tests to play files and flash the meter but VLC is never installed.

You need to hack the file:
to allow “buster” and then rerun ./setup.sh

It is playing now and changes channel, volume so I assume its fine.

Like to personally thank Pimoroni for wasting several hours of my life because they don’t keep their software updated. Grrrr.

For the most part,I think they do a great job overall,you defiantly dont want to buy anything from Adafruit then ,just my opinion…

Well Adafruit sells very few “kits” so my expectation is that they will supply a library and if I am lucky a nice tutorial to follow. This was advertised as a turn-key easy-to- assemble kit.

I bought it because I was lazy. I actually had the parts to do it myself but was hoping for a quick painfree experience. Silly me.

Buster has thrown a wrinkle into some things. I’m not making excuses for Pimoroni, just saying. They appear to be playing catchup with products released prior to the Buster release. Thats how it looks to me anyway.
The Pirate Radio install did work with Stretch, thats what my Pirate radio is running. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. ;)
Granted you’d think they would be caught up by now though? Staff wise I think they are a small company. And I think Phil aka gadgetoid is thier only software guy. Or at least the guy that does most of it. Thats what I have gleamed from my time on the forums anyway.

Adafruit have some very detailed tutorials. They have been IMHO, painfully slow updating them when things change, like a new Raspbian release.

Still better than “cant talk now we just tapped a keg” Sparkfun.

My comment was based a couple of issues I had/have with them over the years,didn’t get good forum help with a 7inch touch lcd and a 3.5 lcd, and lately with the change to circuitpython…,me not being the smartest Pi owner doesn’t help either ,lol

Tech Forums are just one of those places, where for the most part, its I’m not a happy camper posts. Somethings not working and you want to get it working.
You will very seldom get a Hi, no problems post. Other than the introduce yourself stuff.
Thats just the nature of the beast, as they say.

In that vein I try to close out any question post where I finally figure out the answer with the solution I discovered as I did with the Pirate Radio software. Its my way of rationalizing spending all that time–at least I can save somebody else the same pain (with any luck)…

What was the actual edit you made, if you don’t mind me asking?
Some time down the road I may be redoing my Pirate Radio setup and need to know what to change to what. ;)

I have tried to post it several times but this crap forum software keeps blocking it for some reason and there is no way to upload text files.

Basically just go to the file: /Pimoroni/phatbeat/projects/vlc-radio/setup.sh

Find the big if code block that checks the different versions of Pi OS and add an if for “buster” somewhere in the list.

I had that happen one time, it flags it as an http attack or something. I forget the exact message.
That should be enough info for me to sort it out, thanks.