Pirate Internet Radio Installation not working but no error

I posted on Discord Technical Support but no one has responded.

I am having some issues with the Pimoroni Pirate Radio, in the “getting it to work after having followed all the instructions to the letter for hours” kind of way. Is there a troubleshooting guide? Can someone help me troubleshoot if not?

I should just say that that the test script I found works, and it lights up and runs through it’s sound files ok and I can hear them.

It’s just the vlcd stuff doesn’t appear to be running as when you boot then thing (with monitor attached) you can see the login prompt, but it does feck all else. Press FWD, BACK, SOUND UP, PWR, absolutely zilch

I am following the instructions for internet radio and used the curl statement to install everything on raspbian lite

I had the same problem. Is your Raspberry Pi OS based on Debian Buster?

These three commands from here could help.

“If you are using the Buster - or later - release of Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian) execute the following commands:”

Thank you: awesome hint, that did the job for me