Vlcradio installation scripty fails on Rasbian Buster

I have raised the following issue on GitHub/Pimoroni


This is because there is no check for Buster in the
Pimoroni/phatbeat/projects/vlc-radio/setup.sh installation script
The above issue means that the vlc-radio (vlcd) and pivumeter cannot be installed on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Buster.

See above GitHub issue for further details.
Bob Rathbone

You can get older images of Raspbian here, if need be. They will run on any model Pi except a 4B. I do believe my Pirate radio setup is still on Jessie. It’s definitely not running Buster. I haven’t had to do anything to it in ages, its been running just fine, knock on wood.

Many thanks for your prompt reply. The vlc-radio an pivumeter software runs fine on Buster. It is only the vlc-radio/setup.sh installation script that is the problem.

I should explain that I use the pivumeter and parts of the vlcradio software with my own software namely the Rathbone Internet radio. See https://bobrathbone.com/raspberrypi/pi_internet_radio.html.

I have as far as I can work out somewhere in the region of 600 to 800 users so I am committed to supporting my software on the Pi4 with Buster. Using Jessie or Stretch is, of course, not an option for the Pi 4.

I have successfully installed and run pivumeter and vlcradio on a Pirate Radio running Buster by patching setup.sh described in Issue 28. It only requires two additional lines of code and solves the problem.

At the moment I have to carry out three operations to get the vlcradio software to run on Buster.

  1. Run vlcradio to download the software.
  2. Patch and run vlc-radio/setup.sh to compile and install vlcradio.
  3. Re-run the vlcradio install script a second time to complete the installation.

Is it possible to add those two lines of code to the described in issue 28? I don’t particularly want to modify someone else’s product in GitHub but I am happy to do the validation of the change.

Bob Rathbone

Let me just say, I don’t work for Pimoroni, and can’t speak for them.
And I’m no GitHub expert either.
That being said can’t you do that via a “Pull request”?

Is there anyone from Pimoroni who can help with this one?

Personally I don’t see the need for the raspbian_check() routine to abort the installation. It should just issue a warning that the software has not been validated on this particular release of Raspbian. The os_check() should be sufficient but that is not my decision but one for the original authors.

Even if my patch is applied for issue 28 the same thing will happen again in another two years when a new version of Raspbian is released.

You could PM Phil @gadgetoid or Sandy @sandyjmacdonald about it. If they don’t respond here.

Any chance that you can take a look at Vlcradio installation scripty fails on Rasbian Buster