Trouble installing Pirate Radio software (Buster OS + Certificate)

Hello. I am a fairly good customer of Pimoroni products, for which I have so far a spotless experience (see my blog – until now.

I have purchased recently the Pirate Radio kit as a present for father’s day. After some troubles building it (the construction page is not fully clear – I had to reorder a pHat Beat card), I am now facing the challenge of installing the software package.

I have followed faithfully the instructions page but I am facing two serious issues:

  • The bash says that it cannot install vlc on latest PiOS Buster Lite version (dunno why)
  • I have tried installing Raspian Stretch Lite but when launching “curl | bash” I get an “expired certificate” error (and curl -k solves only partly the problem)

Any hint ?

Note: Installing PiratePython works, but is too limited for my usage.

Thank you for any help.

I got it working after 2 days. You need to use the latest Raspberry Pi OS
Run the curl, after it is ‘finished’ do the steps that are described here

“elif cat /etc/os-release | grep -q “buster”; then

add the map “.config” to your pi home map, add “vlc” to your “.config” map.
Make the file playlist.m3u => sudo nano /home/pi/.config/vlc/playlist.m3u

Put your music-links in this file.

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if you could tell me how to relaunch the whole vlc-radio without restarting, it would be nice.

I want to use the radio as an alarm radio, so I want to play music at 08.00 in the morning, but with working buttons and the flashing LEDs… I can’t figure out what exactly I need to put in my crontab…

Thanks SimonV. I’ll try the patch. These instructions should be included in the install page IMHO.

Note that I eventually managed to install it on Stretch, and I got it to work – not without some sweat… see here my story:


you can get it installed with buster, forgot to tell you:
in stead of vlc vox, you need to install vlc-bin and vlc-plugin-base:
sudo apt-get install vlc-bin
sudo apt-get install vlc-plugin-base

then run the (sudo bash after you added the rules with buster in the script
if you do that, all will work