Hello all, I’m new to this amazing little PC :-)

Hi I love these little things and the PI 4 with 4 gig is a fully operational desktop PC.
I have built the Canjam Robot, and the Pimoroni Internet Radio. Which is what I’m having problems with. That’s part of the fun though fixing things.
I’ll come back to that once I’ve said hello.

Welcome aboard matey. I have one of the original pHat Beat based Pirate Radios. It see’s a lot of use playing a Classic Rock Internet Radio Station. I’m typing this from my Pi 4B 4gig desktop PC setup.=)

Thank you, and good to hear that you are enjoying this great little kit. Mine ain’t working as of yet. The error message said something along the lines of the VLC is not supported by this operating system. :-)

That is I believe a Buster issue, weird that it hasn’t been sorted though?
My Pirate Radio is still running Jessie or Stretch. I haven’t had any issues with it, and it works so I haven’t touched it in ages. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. ;)
I could have sworn a workaround for that VLC issue was posted but I can’t find that thread.
I’d start a new thread with a matching tile to your issue. Then those in the know may see it and help you out.

I used the Pimoroni dashboard to set it up. But I have read that it needs Raspbian Lite. I’m using the full desktop version. Could that be it?

It’s not that. The desktop version has everything that the lite version has, plus extras.
Is this the new Pirate Audio or the original Pirate Radio?

I managed to get mine running on Buster after reading a post on these forums:

Hope this helps.