Pirate Radio Software Fail

Following on from johnelle’s post, I was able to get VLC running in no time at all on a newly-installed Buster version of the Raspberry Pi OS after an SD card failure.

I ran the following command to replace the ‘jessie’ string with that of ‘buster’ and re-ran the setup.sh script:

sed -i ‘s/jessie/buster/’ /home/pi/Pimoroni/phatbeat/projects/vlc-radio/setup.sh

sed command - stream editor, used to make the changes. The ‘i’ option is for interactive use.

If you’re not comfortable using sed to effect the change, simply use vi (or geany if you prefer a GUI app) and make the change that way.

Whilst I was in there, I tweaked the value of the VU meter LED range to look more responsive, as per this post: Pirate-Radio, pivumeter, Stretch

Changed the value in file /home/pi/Pimoroni/pivumeter/src/devices/phat-beat.c from 32767 to 4095, and now it’s all working perfectly.