Pirate Radio, installer software update, status request, please

I was just wondering what the status of the Pirate Radio installer package is in regards to being patched for Raspbian Stretch, and the sound popping issue when changing streams/channels on the pHat Beat. There are fixes out there, just wondering if the original installer has had any of the fixes rolled in? Or do we still need to do the fixes manually.

It’s in the works hang in there!

Good stuff, that’s really good news. Thanks for the quick reply. =)

Something that would be really nice, is built in support for the Media Keys on a keyboard. Volume up down, back and next, pause. As you know, I have got an IR remote kind of working with the Pirate Radio. It’s not proving to be reliable though, it just stops working some times. Likely because of my coding skills. =( I’m not bad but far from an expert in python. Anyway, native support for the standard media key on a keyboard would mean you could just plug in a wireless keyboard and use that to do what those tiny little, sometimes hard to push buttons, do on the pHat Beat.

Just a thought. It would make a really cool product even cooler and easier to use.