Portable Stereo using the Pirate Radio Kit?

Hi all

I would like to make a radio for my workshop that is internet connected rather than FM. It looks like the Pimoroni Pirate Radio kit would be a good/easy option. However, I think I’d like a stereo option. Could I use this kit and add my own speakers and make my own enclosure?

I have a pair of 8ohm 30w speakers, would these be ok?

OR if not could someone suggest a kit of parts I might be able to cobble together to get this working? I do actually have a gen 1 Pi I could use.

This one will drive two speakers in stereo at up to 3 Watts per channel.

I have the original pirate radio setup using the phat beat. I’m driving an old set of Logitech PC Speakers that the amplifier died in. My pHat Beat is in the sub woofer box which I gutted. I added my own mini arcade buttons for control of volume etc. 3W per channel is plenty loud enough for me. I take it out on my decjk in the summer. You’ll want a Pi Zero W (with WIFI).

EDIT: If your using amplified speakers you want the Line Out version