Pirate Radio Line Out?

For a line out is it as simple as a speaker cut out jack? What about stereo line out and mono speaker?

You need amplified speakers. If thats what your asking. To drive a speaker all by itself you need this one. It also has a mono stereo switch if you only have one speaker connected.

No I was asking for the wiring for existing amplified speakers using a 1/8" jack as input/output.

Ok, the jack should be the standard tip ring sleeve, which I believe is Left Right Common return / ground. How to set it to mono I don’t know? Alsa audio maybe?
Tip > Left
Ring > Right
Sleeve > Common return line

Having seen your other posts, I better ask which Pirate Radio do you have? I was thinking it was one of the new Pirate Audio ones but it appears to be the original Pirate Radio using the pHat Beat. If it is the pHat Beat, thats not meant to be used with amplified speakers. You would have to bypass the amplifier. Also it has a stereo mono switch on if you only run the one speaker.
I have one of the original Pirate Radios. I used my own case and my own speakers. My speakers are wired directly to the pHat Beat.

It is the one with the pHat Beat bought from a big US distributor (Digikey). The idea was to “loan” it to my gym so it would be plugged in to the Line In of the PA system. I am going to hang a 1/8" stereo female pigtail off the amp pins. There is an existing male hanging off the PA that somebody used to plug in a Mobile Phone.

Because it is loaner to improve the music being played at the gym I am trying to minimize my investment.

That may not work as planned. The audio out of the pHat Beat is amplified audio that would normally feed a 4 or 8 ohm speaker. The PA is going to be looking for a low line level input, like what would drive a set of earbuds.
You’d likely have been better off with something like this.