Adding audio jack to Pirate Radio

Is there a way to connect an audio jack to the Pirate Radio? I’d like to be able to connect the Pirate Radio to a pair of headphones for private listening (and on occasion connect the Pirate Radio to our home stereo through an auxillary 3.5 input). Would it be as simple as just wiring up a jack and connecting the inputs to the left / right speaker out on the Phat Beat?

Thanks… John

While I’ve connected headphones up to this sort of amplifier before, I wouldn’t recommend it. And I wouldn’t do so with the aux input to a stereo either- at best you’ll probably get really awful audio quality.

I hate suggesting “buy new things from us” as a solution to a problem, but honestly my solution would be to install an inline switch on the speaker so that it’s possible to break the audio connection and mute the external speaker, and then stack a pHAT DAC ( with the pHAT BEAT to add a good quality 3.5mm audio output.

The pHAT BEAT and pHAT DAC will run happily off the same i2s audio signal, but you wont be able to mute/control them independently, which is why I’d add a switch for the external speaker.

Thank you for the suggestion. I went ahead and placed an order this morning for the DAC (using the 14% discount today). I’ll let you know how the project turns out.

Is the displayotron also compatible with the pHAT DAC? That would make for a very compact internet radio with display.

Thanks again…

pHAT BEAT rules out Display-o-Tron HAT but you could run Display-o-Tron 3000 or the Display-o-Tron breakout, picking the LCD reset and LCD Cmd/Data pins carefully.