Pirate Radio using spare channel for headphone port?



Given that in mono mode the phat beat outputs the same audio to both channels and only uses one.

I am wondering if there is anything stopping me from attaching a headphone port to the spare channel on the Pirate radios phat Beat?



I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve, but, yes, I guess it’s possible to route the signal out of the spare terminal elsewhere but you’ll need to correctly match the impedance and I’m unsure what that would mean in practical term - this would depend on a number of factors.

… certainly, you shouldn’t just wire your headphone there without added circuitry. At that point the question is whether this is more aggravation than you ideally want.


It was just an idea really that the unused channel was there and I thought you might be able to wire it up to headphones somehow.

I was thinking something like when it gets late and I don’t want to use the speaker anymore I could switch to headphones.

One thing I thought Immediately after posting is that sound would still be coming out of the speaker making the whole idea a bit silly perhaps.


It’s a good place to connect another identical speaker, which we sell separately: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/3-speaker-4-3w

But you would need to come up with some sort of enclosure :D


I like that idea.

I could 3D print an enclosure in the same style as the radio one. :)