Safe shutdown on power loss board for Raspberry Pi



I build AV equipment for art galleries & installations. I use Raspberry Pi’s for video installs.

I’ve been using a shutdown button on a digital I/P for use before switching off the power. But this is a poor engineering solution. Often gallery staff don’t press the button, and just switch off stuff.

What I’d like is a small board where I can plug in a Li-Po for a controlled shutdown. I’ve found some UPSs that can be configured to do this, but they tend to be complex beasts, and therefore expensive. I’m looking for something of a comparable price to the RPi Zero that it’ll be protecting.

I’ve found a circuit that’s similar to what I want, but a) uses a 12V input, rather than 5V, and NiCads rather than Li-Pos. I like the digital output confirming that shutdown has taken place, but a timer is also okay:

So, does anyone know of such a board?



This is something that I have been struggling with also. I live in a rural area of France where short but frequent power outages cause me a lot of grief with my Pi audio setup.
Take a look at this forum - There is some info if you search around.