Safe Shutdowns


Hi again,

What’s the best solution to minimise potential SD card corruption on a PI that could theoretically have it’s power yanked at any time? I see from a little initial searching that there are two schools of thought : some kind of backup power supply that would allow a safe shutdown command to be issued in Raspbian, or a more robust, internal solution involving partitions on the card with different filesystems. Both are outlined, albeit briefly, here ->

Anyone done similar things, and hopefully without resorting to something like TinyCore?



I can’t say I’m very precious about my SD… as in I deem the value on the data on them next to nil. I used to have a (daily?) rsync backup-based solution of my home folder at some point a year ago or so though.

If I was concerned about power outage I think I’d go the UPS route. I think MoPi are working on their next generation mobile power solution and that’s something I’d be interested in, when released.

There’s a bunch of other solution that could be pulled in, depending on the function of the Pi, for example the Zero LiPo (I haven’t tried it, but can’t see why not, with a bit of thought on how to switch from PSU to LiPo).


I have read about annumber of people setting up pi3 for USB boot & data storage. Of course you need a small microSD to initialize the boot & data from the USB source but upon data corruption of SD all you would loose is the initialization process and everything else would stay intact as your USB storage is capable of; perhaps a USB to HDD is the most solid local solution outside of networks and data transfer.
a softshutdown is nice but does not protect from system freeze and need to reboot.