Scroll pHAT HD Pin Out


Hi there,

I have been looking at the Scoll pHAT HD Pin Out diagram over here: as I have a project where I need to attach a Pi Zero to the Scroll pHAT using cables rather than sitting it on the GPIO Headers…

Quick question, I can see I need to attach the 5v and SDA and SCL pins, but which ground pin do I need to attach? Can I use any that is highlighted in the Pin Out diagram or do I need to use them all?



any will do… that is the convention we use at pinout, sometimes some of the ground pins are not suitable (either not connected or sinking adequately without support) but in most cases all of them are fine.

… I tend to use phys pin 6 myself as I have a DIY 2x3 connector ready to go for I2C (+VCC and ground), but it’s entirely up to you which one you use.


Awesome, thank you for such a swift response!