Scroll Phat - Zero / Pi2 help


I am completely new to this so please bear with me.

I have a couple of pi’s - a pi zero and a pi 2, I’ve just recently purchased a scroll phat to play with as well.

As I understand it to get it working for each pi I have to:-

Zero - Solder some male pins to the zero and one of the female GPIO boards that came with the scroll phat to the PCB board then slot over the male pins.

Pi2 - Solder the female GPIO board to the scroll phat and slot this over the male pins already attached to the pi2.

I know HATs are meant to be solderless but I take it this isn’t the case with the scroll phat as there are no pins attached? so there’s no way to get the scroll phat working without some soldering (no surprise I’m below novice level!).

Ultimately my aim is I hope to run OSMC as the OS and play with some python scripts that will trigger on certains actions taken within OSMC. Will this be possible?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

Yes, pHATs require soldering a header. This is both so that you may choose the type of header you would like to use and to keep cost down.

Here is a video of a chap showing how to solder to the Zero. He goes into a lot of detail about soldering. I think it is a great video for someone who has never soldered before.


Ah great stuff, thanks for your replies guys.

Any thoughts on whether what I want it for is possible within OSMC? I understand it’s not for Openelec as that is a barebones media centre.

All the documentation I’ve seen so far is to get it working is for Raspbian.