Scroll pHAT HD stops scrolling text and neets reboot


Hey fellers!

I have some trouble with my Pimoroni Scroll Bot Scroll pHAT setup. The construction was pretty easy and soldering was no trouble either. It set up my Raspberry Zero W properly and started some amateur coding.

I started with scrolling text, just like the examples on the Pimoroni Lear Scroll pHAT site. But after ten minutes, the scrolling stops or freezes. I have to restart the Pi via terminal ssh. When I start the same program again it works for about the same time. I already switched the Pi Zero W, SD card and powersource - same problem.

Like i said before, I used the python code from the learning page one to one…

Anybody got some hint?

Thanks in advance.


Does Raspbian crash or just your python code stop working?


Honestly, I don’t know exactly - I can connect via SSH on the Pi and can start the python script again. So I think, the python code stopped…


If you can restart the python file Raspbian is fine, its just the python file thats stopped.
Can you post the code example your running.
Three ``` then your code and three more ` will keep the formatting.