Sending text from Android notifications to my Pi

I’m looking at making a project to improve productivity by replacing the urge to constantly check my phone for notifications with a device that will display the text from them. I preferably want to use the Inky Phat for it’s low power consumption and freedom from constant refreshing.
My biggest hurdle however is the code, I dont have any experience in connectivity projects so I have no clue where to start. Is this possible, perhaps over bluetooth or wifi?

This is no doubt woefully out of date, but at least it suggests that what you want to achieve is possible:

I tried briefly to get any sort of connection/sanity/notifications from my iPhone and failed miserably.

This is perfect for working out the pi end! I’ve been looking into Android Studio to see if it’d be easy to make an app up to draw the notifications and send them. Hoping that’ll lead somewhere