Connect Inky pHat to a raspberry 3-B with google AIY kit


Hi everybody!
I’ve just mounted the google AIY kit in a Raspberry model B, and I would like to add the Inky pHAT to this box. I’m starting with electronic so please:
Can anybody tell me if could connect the Inky pHAT using the google hat free pins?
I’m not sure if all the gpio pins that the Inky needs are accessible from the google hat:

This are the hat pins:

And the Inky pHat:

Thanks in advance!


In the past I hooked up Scroll pHAT using the 5 I2C pins on the left of that image. From the Inky pHAT pinout, it looks like it uses SPI, which are broken out in the middle 8 pins, so it should be a case of soldering a header on. As a caveat, the Voice HAT also uses those pins to control the 4 DriverX on the right of the board, so there may be some issues there?


Yeah, according to the pinout, it uses SPI. And I don’t think that’s a shared BUS. A display that uses i2c I think would be a better option. i2c can be shared with multiple devices quit easily.
I’m no expert but I don’t think anything bad will happen if you hook your display up. It will either work or not work.


Thank you very much!
A few questions about your responses:

The Inky screen uses 6GPIO pins and communication over SPI…what that this exactly means? 6 pins PLUS other SPI pins…or this 6GPIO pins includes the SPI? I mean, pins 11,13,15,19,23,24,3.3v,5v described in pinout are the 8 pins that I should solder on the google hat, or the SPI communication uses more pins?
If I use this 8 middle pins to connect the ink screen and avoid using the driver X on the right…could this work propertly?

In case of using a i2c screen instead of ink one, the new HD Scroll pHAT will fit on the same 5 i2C pins that you said the old scroll pHat works @major_tomm?

Can you recommend me what materials/tools do I need to test this screens before soldier them to the hat?

Thank you again!


@alphanumeric I’d hope if they’d broken them out on the Voice HAT it would mean you could use them (tho’ maybe not at the same time as the DriverX pins?)

@arturo.galan The Inky pHAT uses the 6 SPI pins (plus 3V & 5V power and ground) as shown on the pinout.

The HD Scroll pHAT should work on the I2C pins just fine.

I’d recommend jumper cables, get the screens working on a Pi first, then attach them to the Voice HAT pins.


@arturo.galan if you look at the pinout it tells you what the pin is used for, (MOSI) for example. I count 6 pins used for SPi, 11, 13, 15, 19, 23, and 24. The others are for Power and Ground. It looks like the inky pHat needs 3.3V and 5V. I count 8 ground pins used for ground. I’m not sure why so many and if all are needed? If you have an ohm meter you could check continuity between them, If they are all physically linked to each other you only need to connect one of them to ground.


Not sure if this will help or just confuse you, but here it is anyway