Pinout for Scroll HAT Mini


I was trying to configure an Inky pHAT and a Scroll HAT Mini at pHAT Stack Configurator but Scroll HAT Mini does not seem to be pickable in dropdown. Do anyone know where I could find the info about used pins in Scroll HAT Mini? I am trying to figure out wether both HATs are compatible or not.

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Going by the Product page it uses i2c and the same library as the original Scroll Hat HD.
The only thing that may conflict is the buttons, but if you don’t press them it shouldn’t be an issue. Looking at the example files should tell you what GPIO is used for what button.
scroll-phat-hd/examples at master · pimoroni/scroll-phat-hd · GitHub

IS31FL3731 LED matrix driver chip (I2C addr. 0x74)
As always, we’ve got a handy Python library for controlling your Scroll HAT Mini. It’s shared with Scroll HAT Mini’s predecessor Scroll pHAT HD, but we’ve added a few examples of how to use the buttons on the newer board.