Getting the Inky working atop a PiJuice

We are running into issues running an Inky Phat stacked ontop of a PiJuice Zero2.

When running the Inky examples I see that HAT detected (SSD1608), but get an error related to trying to find the SPI bus.

I assume this is linked to the PiJuice, because the PiJuice gets completely bricked in the process - it is no longer detectable by the PiJuice software on the Pi. Whats more, this persists - so even after unplugging the PiJuice it cannot be detected. Switching between different Pi’s confirms this is a PiJuice, not Pi issue.

Does anyone have suggestions for why the Inky Phat would be having this effect and whether/how I may be able to get these two to work nicely together?

Thanks for reading.

I’d say you need to look for pin conflicts.
The inky phat pinout is here,
Inky pHAT at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
I don’t see one for that Pi Juice though?
Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

The issue appears to be that both boards use 0x50 address for their EEPROM. I need to figure out how to change this - I know it is possible for the PiJuice, just not quite sure how.

Even changing it may not be enough. The official standard for Hats says there can be only one. And as I understand it, only one eeprom ID?
Posting this issue on the Pi Forum might get you some better info etc.
Raspberry Pi Forums - Index page
Don’t get me wrong, there are some smart people here. But if anybodies found a way around it, the answer is probably lurking there. ;)

It sounds like they have a configuration tool which can change the address? (Scroll down to the PiJuice Configuration section).

I take back some of what I said. As I had another look at the Inky pinout and see that its not using the normal pins used for eeprom ID? That’s usually done on i2c0, not i2c1. I’m thinking changing the address has a good chance of actually working.