Serial console connection for Cluster HAT - what should I use?


Hello there,
I am just about to try and put a Cluster HAT Pi setup together and would like to have the option to use serial connection.
I see there’s a serial connector on the Cluster HAT, so my simple question is what exactly do I need to buy/make to make use of this ? I see there are recommendations about 3.3V and I don’t want to risk frying anything !
Recommendations would be most welcomed.
Many thanks


I’d connect it to my network and use SSH- it’s a lot less painful. But for a serial terminal for debugging or low level stuff I’d use one of these:


Hello gadgetoid,
Very many thanks for the reply - one has been ordered
I misunderstood the serial bit and thought it was actually a connection from control to the slaves - oops…
So now the inevitable wait for enough Zeros - would be great to see a “bundle kit” (HAT, Zeros, console cable, Pi 2/3, PSU) even if it could only have a couple of Zeros.
Cheers again