Servo phat and explorer phat

hi, a few question…can these (servo and exporer phat) be used at the same time using the 40pin header?. Also, it looks like you can connect the servo phat using a qwiic connector. if that is the case can you get one-sided quiic leads and the same for usb3 from pimoroni (ie a qwiic connector on one end and bare leads for soldering to pi on other end?, and similarly a usb3 c plug on one end, and bare wires on the other to manually wire up the i2c and power)
is it correct to assume that the new geek servo continuous rotation servo would work fine with the servo phat? thanks

The pinout for the explorer phat is here

I couldn’t find one for the servo pHat. You need to know what i2c addresses it uses to see if they conflict with the ones used by the explorer pHat.


or this

may come in handy.

many thanks. There seems to be a difference in the datasheet and the howto. the datasheet for the servo phat is a led pwm controller (PCA9685) with a i2c address of xAA/xAB (170/171 dec) whereas in the pi servo phat hookup guide it uses address x40 (64 dec)
any ideas which is right?

the explorer phat uses x28 (40 dec) and x48 (72 dec) so at least they use different addresses. so they should be fine together.

I think I’d go by the hookup guide. You could just plug it in all by itself and run
sudo i2cdetect -y 1
That will show you what address its using.
Make sure i2c is enabled or you’ll get an error message.

thanks. I have a couple of explorer phats already, but saw the cheap servo motors and thought that is affordable enough to give it a go.