SGP30 library to get specific values

I’m using the SGP30 library provided by pimoroni and I can use the following to get a printout of the current values:

while True:
    result = sgp30.get_air_quality()


Air Quality:
Equivalent C02:   407 (ppm)
Total VOC:          1 (ppb)

Air Quality:
Equivalent C02:   400 (ppm)
Total VOC:          0 (ppb)

Air Quality:
Equivalent C02:   406 (ppm)
Total VOC:          6 (ppb)

Is there any way to isolate specific values, such as getting JUST the TVOC value to work with?

I don’t have one to test this, but looking at the library the result = sgp30.get_air_quality() command creates an object containing the raw values. Therefore, accessing the parameters of the object should work:

result = sgp30.get_air_quality()