Share your Christmas themed projects

Hey guys just wanted to start a post so we can share your Christmas projects ;-)

I my self… I want to make a disco for my elf on the shelf.

I want to cable the piglow into a small box that’s got some frosted plastic for a that disco look. Some music and playmobile will look sweet!

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Ooh, I’ve just remembered that we launched the “PiGlow Breakout” recently. It’s basically a PiGlow without the LEDs, so you can add wires to wire up your own assortment of LEDs. It would be absolutely brilliant for a Christmas-tree style project with full LED control.

Since it’s basically a PiGlow, people should already be familiar with how to use it:

I saw the tweet about it a little while ago, nice little board! I am having to cut my cloth to suit my means at the moment otherwise I would certianlly use the right tool for the job!