Small rechargeable power supply for Pi Zero with the HDMI 8" IPS LCD Screen Kit

I am making a project and I want to use these components: [Pi Zero], Pimoroni HDMI 8" LCD screen, and this pisugar power supply. My goal is to make a simple portable tablet and 3d print the enclosure (this is just a hobby project for me). The question is: is this one power supply enough for both the pi and the screen? On the product detail page it says We recommend a separate 5V power supply or, if using a Raspberry Pi, make sure the total power is within the range of the power supply that is for both items since it will get close to 2 Amps. but I don’t know what “total power” means. I got the 900mah version of the power supply because I want it to be smol. My goal is for the power supply to rechargeable and small, in case I need to get a different one.

If the one I got is not good enough - could someone propose an alternate which can have a similarly small form factor?

Total power is the power drawn by all the devices connected to the power supply.
You add what the Pi wants to what the screen wants and make sure that doesn’t exceed what the supply can deliver.
The 5V is fixed so its the current draw your concerned with. If you try to draw more than 2 amps the supply will likely reduce the +5V to compensate and keep the current below its max allowed. That will get you undervolt warnings on the Pi, and reboots etc if it gets too low.
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