Smart Wooden Box

Way back in the 80s I built a circuit into a small carved Indian wooden box so that when the lid was opened it revealed a star shaped array of red leds that illuminated in a fast repeating pattern from the outside edge to the centre. It was in response to my children’s fascination with the Box of Delights televised at the time. I still have the box, and it still works and my grown up kids still love looking at it.
However, my grandchildren will expect something far more sophisticated. This is where I need help.
I am quite happy to build the box to whatever size is needed to accommodate the electronics but, although I can follow (good) instructions well and can solder quite well, I have absolutely zero skills in designing circuits and understanding components etc. I would like to build something with a micro RGB array so that when the box is opened it triggers a fascinating, hypnotic light show. Any advice or recommendations would be very gratefully accepted.
I will to attach a small clip of the original box in action. Very Heath Robinson!
Thanks all.
(Couldn’t see how to attach an mp4 file)

The Unicorn Hat HD is 16 x 16 RGB LED’s. It’s a nice square array.
Unicorn HAT HD - 256 * RGB LED Matrix on your Raspberry Pi – Pimoroni
And there is the mini with 17 x 7 RGB LED’s.
Unicorn HAT Mini – Pimoroni
This is 5 x 5
5x5 RGB Matrix Breakout – Pimoroni

And there is bigger
RGB LED Matrix Panel – Pimoroni

I think I may have jumper the gun a bit. I was thinking Raspberry Pi powered but a Micro Controller Like a PICO may be a better option. Power it up and let it do its thing when the door opens, kill the power and turn it off when its closed. You could go battery power and make it cordless, other than recharging it now and then.

If you upload your video to Youtube, or to online storage ( I use my Microsoft OneDrive) you can link to it in your post.