[Solved] GFX Hat - Issues with RPi4


I bought the RPi4, Pibow case, Fan Shim and GFX Hat from you guys. Really impressed by the hardware design and attention to detail. I have some questions about the GFX Hat:

a. I’ve noticed that very often after a reboot, the screen shows no text or graphics but bunch of dark pixels scattered all over. It takes several seconds for the text to slowly show and for the dark pixels to fade away. Is this the normal behavior?.

b. I’m working on a Python script that uses the menu-options.py in the examples folder as a baseline. When an option from the menu is selected, it calls another python script which also uses the menu-options.py example script to select from a menu. When the scripts are run independently, the menu interaction is flawless, no problems at all. However, when the main menu script calls the second one, the menu interaction is erratic. I’m guessing this is because there are handler functions on each script trying to take control over the “touch” signals (?). How would you recommend to tackle this issue?. Neither examples or documentation address this particular use case.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


I think I solved the issue. I looks like if both parent and child scripts use a handler function to interact with the same touch buttons, they may interfere with each other. I solved it by calling the child script through a spawn process using subprocess.Popen() and killing the parent script right afterwards (using sys.exit(0)). If the child script is supposed to go back to the parent script, I just call the parent script using the same methodology.

Not very pythonic, but it works.