Mini hat display issue

Hi there,
I recently bought a mini hat display for my pi4 b, connect with the GPIO but the screen doesn’t turn on.
I am very new to this so I apologise if I am missing something basic.

I followed the instructions from GitHub and install everything necessary to run.
And also made sure that SPI and I2C is enable.

Anyone can help me plz

Thanks in advance

A few things to check / clarify:

  • what examples have you tried running, and did you get any output / error messages from them
  • is the hat firmly pushed on to the Pi’s GPIO pins (and the right way around!)
  • what OS do you have on the Pi, and do you have any other hardware / software installed

(I would ask to check your header soldering, but I’m not sure they even sell Pi without headers these days, do they?)

@ahnlak , only the Zero line of Pi’s have a no header option.
Last time I checked anyway.

Thank you for getting back to me.

The OS is what was recommended, Debian Bullseye.
The GPIO I believe is the right way. When opposed it the led lights go red.
I have nothing else installed apart from Pimoroni repository.
I have tried running some examples, like pong and pygame-demo, that’s when the led light went off.