Something odd with four letter phat?

Last night I finally got round to testing my phat stack and phats I got for it (after moving house).

Prior to the stack this pi zero was only using the red led phat so it didn’t know what hit it.

All the phats were easy to install and look great apart from one odd thing I noticed with the four letter phat.

As you can see when showing the cpu temp example it is showing a character strangely. At first I thought it was my soldering but I double checked it and it looks good to me.

I will edit the example tonight and find out what the character is.

That’s possibly just how it displays a ‘5’?

If I remember correctly, this is how it displays a 5 to make it visually distinct from an S. You can find the char mappings here:

S is 0b0000000011101101
5 is 0b0010000001101001

Clearly going for really visually distinct, here!

Ah OK that’s going to take my brain some getting used to. :)

Good that its working as expected though.