Sound using FPGA - I2S implamntion

HI there,

I’m trying to build the arcade machine using fpga (DE-10 lite) instead of raspberry pi, and encouter difficult implamnting the sound.
The SCLK, LRCLK, DS, 5V, 3V ports of GPIO are connected (as you can see in the picture) and the signals are as the protocol require, however when I try to play simple tone (1 KHZ) there is noise.
Are there any other ports of GPIO and data that needed to be in use (or someting else I’ve been missing)?
p.s I couldn’t find schematic of the picade, if there is one it will help to understand the issue.


Your likely missing a needed ground pin connection.

Sorry,I forgot to write the ground is also connected

There is more than one used on the Hat. Thing is, on the Pi all the ground pins are connected together, it doesn’t matter really which one or one’s you use.
On Hats and pHats, they often aren’t all tied together. They will be when its plugged into the Pi, but on the circuit board itself they may not all be linked. The assumption is made that it will be plugged in.
When you use jumpers a needed ground may be missed. The pinout shows the ones used with a black horseshoe shaped blob on it. It’s a bit of a pain but you may have to jumper all of them to get everything working.

Thanks for the help, I checked the hat using fluke and all the ground are connected to each other shorted, so I don’t think that’s the issue.
Shutdown pin on the port remain unused, does it relate to the I2S?

No, that just calls up a shutdown on the Pi, nothing to do with i2s.
The pins used for i2s, as near as I can tell are
Pin 12, GPIO 18 (i2s clock)
Pin 35, GPIO 19 (i2s WS)
Pin 40, GPIO 21 (i2s data)