Spaceship kit build instructions

Where can I find a copy of these. I bought the kit a long time ago

What is it based around? Arduino, Raspberry Pi, other?
Made by?

Maybe PatrickG means this one?

It has a build video on the site which says STS-PI RASPBERRY PI SPACESHIP KIT

micro mag has a issue on this type of roving robot ,issue 6 ,fee pdf download here click download latest ,not 100% sure if it has info for this car but i think it does…i download but didnt get a chance to check it out yet ,good luck ,

Thanks Jack.

Your help is appreciated.

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That is the one!!. Again really appreciate your help - completely new to this!

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Thank you for your interest. It is Pi based and another kind user has pointed me to the build video.

You’re welcome, good luck with it!