STS-Pi Robot camera web interface


Looking for a suitable web interface for camera for the STS-pi robot. I would like to be able to see what I am bumbing into.
I have tried a few examples, found on GitHub, but the refresh was pretty poor making it useless for realtime application.



This question interests me too!
Any chance of a reply?


I’ve just built mine but not finished setting up the software side (power bar died and I lost track of time) but would also love to be able to do this too!


No bother, I’ve built mine now and also added full keyboard control and a live video stream :-)

Next stop, headlights!


Any chance of making your video streaming code available.


I have developed (and still developing) an AJAX web interface with live video for the STS-Pi. Feel free to clone or fork it on Github. The interface is responsive, so it works on desktops, tablets and phones (at least on my Fairphone 2). More instructions / videos will be posted shortly. Stay tuned and enjoy! Mark

Here is a video that shows the program in action:


Hi Mark,

Tried your software unfortunately I am having problems with the gevent. this seems to not install properly has there are errors. did you have any initial problems with this?



Hi Ray,
thanks for trying the software. I had gevent install problems too, but I just noticed that there are actually gevent packages in the official Raspbian repo. Can you try the following instead of using PIP:
sudo apt-get install python-gevent
Please let me know if this works so that I can update the docs accordingly.


thanks for getting back. I tried the python-gevent and that worked.

So now I need to sort out the coloured bars on the screen horizontal edges as these were all squashed up so all I could do is turn left and right.



Thanks for your helpful feedback. What browser and operating system are you using on the client computer to control the robot ?


I was using my iphone 6SE which has 10.2.1 installed and I am using Edge on my Windows PC.


MS Edge and Internet Explorer do no have native MJPEG support so the video will not display and the placeholder will look out of proportion. The situation is a bit similar for IOS and Apple devices: Safari & Co. have limited or broken MJPEG support. I would recommend to use one of the browsers I tested (Firefox, Opera, Chrome / Chromium) - see the updated README that I just commited to github.


I’ll try one of the recommend browsers.


here is the image using Google Chrome which still doesn’t have the even spaced bars on the sides as seen in your video.



Hi Ray,
this looks like a known bug in some webkit based browsers that renders tables wrongly. I am in the process of replacing the table based web interface with a “div based” one that should solve these problems. Will let you know when it is ready (probably even later today - fingers crossed). Mark


I have just commited a complete rewrite of the web interfaces HTML and CSS part to git. This uses “div” elements instead of dodgy tables. If you have cloned the application from github you can go into the STS-PiLot directory and update with the following commands:
git remote update
git pull
This will update your cloned copy of STS-PiLot.
At least here it works beautifully on all tested browsers now. This includes MS Edge - but still no video due to browser limitations. Please let me know if it works now.


Yes thanks a lot better. Only tried the new code with my iPhone at this time


Could you post a link to the USB Battery that you used in your build?



I found the battery clips that come with STS-Pi didn’t quite fit that battery so I designed my own: