STS-PiLot: Web interface with live video for Explorer HAT / pHAT

This python based software was initially designed as remote control interface for the STS-Pi rover, but can be adapted and used for other Raspberry Pi projects using the Explorer HAT / pHAT.
It can control the motors and outputs and provides a readout of the analog and digital ports in a HUD-style overlay.
The code and installation instructions can be found on github:
Project details, screenshots and videos on

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Fantastic effort! Really neat.

Good news for Pi Zero (W) users:
After problems with the capture thread clogging up the CPU on Pi Zeros I have added a non-threaded video capture interface to the software that puts less strain on the CPU. So you can now run STS-PiLot on your Pi Zero and enjoy live video from the camera. Details on how to use it are in the project log on

This is the Polulu ZUMO with Pi Zero W, Camera and Explorer pHAT that had its first outing at Moray Coder Dojo yesterday.

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