Sparkfun RGB rotary encoder (with breakout)

HAve this hooked up to a pi4.

so what values would i plug into this for pullup/activelow for the switch on a pi…
I have


but i get nothing from evtest, tho it does show up as

/dev/input/event0: button@6

I have the rotary encoder part working, but can’t get the button to work, and am confused probably due to the common anode setup…

What do you want the button to do when pressed?
And what guide are you following?
I think it should be gpio_pull=up, that would make it a high by default.
It would then go low “when” the button is pressed.

the sparkfun encoder has a common anode rather than cathode, so the switch supposedly is low while released, and high when pressed (which is the opposite of what i’d wish for, but no rgb encoders have a switch to ground), but I can’t get it to register thru gpio6. Right now i just need evtest to see when i press/release the button. I’m going to try switch pins, and maybe using a multimeter to troubleshoot, but i was hoping someone here would be familiar with the issue before i do.

I got the sparkfun cuz the io expander i2c one was a huge hassle to get working for my arcade spinner button, but the

Have a look at this, might help.
Rotary_Encoder_Breakout-Illuminated/Firmware/RGB_Rotary_Encoder/RGB_Rotary_Encoder.ino at main · sparkfun/Rotary_Encoder_Breakout-Illuminated (

// Note that because this is a common anode device,
// the pushbutton requires an external 1K-10K pullDOWN resistor
// to operate.

yeah, that’s what i was afraid of, seems like a stupid design decision when you could just connect the button to the ground on the rotary encoder. Thanks for the search, i swear i’d been to that repository before.

Exactly what I was thinking.

I attached an external 10K pulldown resistor, didn’t work. Should i get a continuity reading across + and sw pins when unpowered? I would think i would when the switch was closed, but I don’t… faulty unit (again) maybe…

Yeah, you should get continuity when its pressed. Provided you are measuring the correct pins. I’m not saying you have the wrong pins. Just that it would be easy to mix them up.

nah, it’s middle and end on the 5 in a row, plus i have the breakout, so they’re labeled, and definitely don’t get continuity. I connected it directly without pulldown and didn’t get any float… I have such bad luck with encoders, the i2c one i got was defective when shipped as well.

At least i learned some stuff…

I have an i2c one, that glitches. A replacement is on the way. I’ll do dome thorough testing on this one before I solder it in place.