Speaker PHAT piCorePlayer

Hi guys,
I am building a mini Jukebox. I have connected the Speaker PHAT to my Raspberry Pi Zero with piCorePlayer (piCore Linux) as OS. It’s working like a charm. However I would love to install the software for the VU meter. I understand that the Pimoroni one-line installer works only under raspbian.
Would you please be so kind as to help me to get the VU meter to work with PicorePlayer as well?
Thanks a lot!

The VU meter is driven by an ALSA plugin called Pi VU Meter.

piCorePlayer would require, probably, either a .tcz plugin version of the Pi VU Meter binary, or possibly the binary compiled on Raspbian and dropped into the right place and saved with persistence. It would also require wiringpi and libfftw3, neither of which would be installed by default I suspect.

It would be a challenging task and while I imagine it’s possible, I’m not so sure it’s feasible.

Source for Pi VU Meter: https://github.com/pimoroni/pivumeter
Creating a tcz extension: http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/wiki:creating_extensions

I would start by building and installing the library on Raspbian and attempting to graft the resulting binaries and /etc/asound.conf over to a running piCorePlayer system.

You can use the ldd command on Raspbian to get an idea of what dependencies the Pi VU Meter module might require.

Hi there,
Many thanks for your prompt support. Much appreciated.
I am afraid this goes far beyond my capabilities.
I will ask both Greg and Steen from the piCorePlayer team if they are willing to help with that.
Nevetheless I will try to give it a go on my own to see how far I can go.
Once again many thanks for pointing me in the right direction!